Freelancer Management System

Simplify your Freelance Operation:

Recruit, Manage, and Pay from a Single Platform

Vivilia empowers your marketing company by optimizing team management, centralizing payments, and providing control over your profitability.

How Vivilia can help you:

Effortless Project Management for Freelancers and Teams

Define custom workflows with various roles to streamline collaboration seamlessly.
Our platform also features a user rating system, evaluating punctuality (meeting deadlines), precision (meeting acceptance criteria), and overall quality of deliverables.
This comprehensive approach ensures efficient project management and high-quality outcomes, whether working with freelancers or your own team.

Optimize Efficiency: Learn Smart Budget Management

Gain complete insight into budget utilization with Vivilia. Easily monitor your company’s budgets on a per-project and per-client basis, ensuring alignment and enhancing profitability.

  • Organize budgets by projects or clients.
  • Efficiently track budget utilization across multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Retrieve data for swift reconciliation between forecasts and actuals.

Streamline Payments

Eliminate the hassle of managing freelancer payments with Vivilia.
Our platform automatically processes payments according to freelancers’ schedules or approved project milestones.
Payments are made using their preferred method and currency, and all transactions are consolidated into a single monthly invoice. Simplify your financial tasks – pay one invoice to Vivilia, once a month.
“Vivilia enables us to efficiently execute projects with over 100 freelancers from 12 countries. Additionally, it centralizes payment management, all within a single software, allowing us to maintain control over profitability and prevent administrative errors..”
Sabina Silva
Operations Manager - @Genwords

Streamline freelancer management effortlessly with our all-in-one software solution

Say goodbye to chaotic spreadsheets and complex project management tools, and embrace a comprehensive solution.
Streamline every aspect of your independent contractor and freelancer management, from onboarding to budget reporting and everything in between, all within a single, intuitive platform.