Streamline Your Freelancer Payments

Managing freelancer payments has never been easier. Vivilia’s automated global payment solution simplifies the entire process, saving you time and reducing administrative burdens.

Save hours managing invoices with our freelancer payment solution.

Effortless Global Payments

Automated Payments with a Single Click

Approve, reject, or amend seamlessly. Ensure your freelancers and contractors get paid on time, without the hassle. Save countless hours on admin work and expedite your payment processes, freeing up your time for more critical tasks.

One Consolidated Invoice

Forget about managing numerous payments and bank fees. Vivilia consolidates all your freelancer payments into one transparent monthly invoice. Choose your preferred payment frequency—monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly—and your chosen currency, without adding extra strain on your finance team.

Multiple Entities, One Solution

Whether you have multiple global entities or bank accounts, Vivilia’s parent/child organization setup allows you to manage separate entities under one main organization. Receive a consolidated invoice per entity in +50 currencies, making fast payouts in +190 countries while saving time and money.

Enhanced Financial Control

Track Budgets and Unify Payment Data

Easily track costs and match spend to allocated work with Vivilia’s intuitive time tracking tool. Set caps and limits at the task level to ensure you never go over budget. Improve visibility, connectivity, and control—all within one platform.

Customized Cost Breakdowns

Customize your invoices with detailed breakdowns by spend, purchase order, and cost center, ensuring nothing gets lost. Integrate Vivilia directly with your accounting system for even greater efficiency and accuracy.

Flexible Payment Options

Pay your global freelancers with various methods—hourly, fixed, by project, or milestone. Vivilia supports payments in 190 countries, 50 currencies, and 5 different payment methods, providing unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

"Vivilia enables us to efficiently execute projects with over 100 freelancers from 12 countries. Additionally, it centralizes payment management, all within a single software, allowing us to maintain control over profitability and prevent administrative errors."
Sabina Silva
Operations Manager - @Genwords

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