Effortless Freelancer ​Onboarding

Streamline and automate your freelancer onboarding process with Vivilia. Our platform simplifies the way you integrate new talent, ensuring compliance and efficiency across your organization.

Streamline the Onboarding of Your Freelance Talent

Simplify Your Onboarding Process

Automate and Customize Onboarding Workflows

Vivilia customizes your onboarding documents, ensuring all legal, financial, and HR requirements are met. From legal docs to background checks and system access, manage everything from one centralized platform.

Automated Signing of Legal and Tax Documents

Let your legal team define the necessary templates, and Vivilia will send them automatically to your freelancers. All documents are archived in your account, and you’ll receive alerts before they expire, ensuring compliance and organization.

Enhance Compliance and Efficiency

Simplified Payments and Compliance

Pay your freelancers without restrictions, with just one consolidated monthly invoice. Vivilia collects all tax and payment information, and runs KYC and AML compliance checks, ensuring your financial processes are smooth and compliant.

Complete Tracking of Onboarding Activity

Keep track of every step in the onboarding process with an easy-to-follow progress bar. Ensure freelancers enter their payment details, sign legal and tax documents, and update their profiles seamlessly.

Customized and Up-to-Date Talent Profiles

Tailored Talent Profiles

Capture all necessary information from your freelancers with customized fields during onboarding. Access detailed profiles that include specific info beyond standard requirements, providing you with a comprehensive view of your talent.

Keep Profiles Updated for Ongoing Compliance

Ensure ongoing compliance by keeping freelancer profiles up-to-date with relevant information such as W-9 forms and social security numbers. Use custom fields to gather additional information or documents as needed.

Build a Comprehensive Talent Directory

Create a Searchable Talent Database

Build a specialized knowledge base for your business with custom skills and templates. Easily search your global talent directory by location, rate, skills, and more to find the perfect freelancer for any task.

Instantly Spot Missing Information

Our system highlights any important missing information, making freelancer management straightforward and efficient.

"Vivilia enables us to efficiently execute projects with over 100 freelancers from 12 countries. Additionally, it centralizes payment management, all within a single software, allowing us to maintain control over profitability and prevent administrative errors."
Sabina Silva
Operations Manager - @Genwords

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