Transform Your Media Company

Transform Your Media Company

Streamline your freelance management and enhance your media production efficiency.

Manage your global talent pool easily, cutting costs while ensuring timely payments and flawless project execution.

Optimize Your
Freelancer Management

Effortless Global Collaboration

Vivilia drastically reduces the time spent managing freelancers, enabling smooth collaboration across cities, states, or countries. Manage your entire content lifecycle from start to finish, ensuring your freelancers are always organized and ready to deliver.

Automated Onboarding for Seamless Integration

Onboard your freelance talent with customized workflows. Automate the collection and signing of necessary legal and tax documents, ensuring compliance and allowing freelancers to start working quickly and efficiently.

Centralized Project Management

Assign and track all your projects, tasks, and jobs from one central platform. Maintain control of your editorial process, keep your projects on track, and ensure your team stays connected and productive.

Enhance Financial Control and Efficiency

Automate and Customize Onboarding

Streamline your onboarding process with Vivilia’s automated workflows. Customize all onboarding documents, including legal, financial, and HR requirements, to fit your agency’s needs. Manage every aspect from one central platform, ensuring efficiency and compliance from the start.

Effortless Legal and Tax Compliance

Simplify compliance with Vivilia’s automated document handling. Send legal and tax documents automatically with predefined templates set by your legal team. Archive all signed documents in your account and receive alerts before they expire, ensuring you remain compliant without the manual hassle.

Build Stronger Relationships with Your Freelancers

Efficient Invoicing and Payment Processes

Make life easier for your Accounts Payable team with Vivilia’s streamlined invoicing process. Whether you manage one freelancer or one thousand, Vivilia ensures invoices are matched to the correct projects and freelancers for fast, accurate payments.

Maintain Compliance with Ease

Stay compliant with all legal and tax requirements. Vivilia automates the management of legal contracts and tax information, ensuring your media company adheres to all regulations as you scale your content production.

"Vivilia enables us to efficiently execute projects with over 100 freelancers from 12 countries. Additionally, it centralizes payment management, all within a single software, allowing us to maintain control over profitability and prevent administrative errors."
Sabina Silva
Operations Manager - @Genwords

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