Maximize Profits with Smarter Freelancer Management

Maximize Profits with Smarter Freelancer Management

Transform how you manage freelancers and elevate your agency’s performance.

Vivilia empowers marketing agencies to efficiently handle their freelance talent, ensuring you deliver more projects, satisfy more clients, and boost profits.

Elevate Your Project Management

Seamless Collaboration with Freelancers

Managing multiple freelancers across different projects can be challenging, but Vivilia simplifies the process. Our platform fosters seamless collaboration by allowing you to easily assign tasks, track progress, and ensure timely deliverables.

Efficient Workflow Management

Streamline your project workflows with Vivilia’s robust management features. Create and customize workflows that suit your agency’s needs, assign roles, and monitor task completion. Our platform supports complex workflows involving multiple roles and tasks, ensuring that every project progresses smoothly from start to finish.

Transparent Budget Management

Keep your projects on budget and track spending effortlessly with Vivilia. Our platform provides detailed insights into budget allocation and spending for each project. Additionally, link payment milestones to deliverables for better budget control and transparency.

Performance Tracking

Monitor individual freelancer performance based on punctuality, precision, and quality of work delivered. This data helps you make better hiring decisions, optimize resource allocation, and improve overall project efficiency.

Simplify Payments

Streamlined Payment Processes

Managing payments for a diverse group of freelancers can be time-consuming and complex. Vivilia simplifies this process by consolidating all payments into a single, easy-to-manage platform. Automate payment schedules, ensure timely disbursements, and reduce administrative overhead.

With Vivilia, you only need to pay one monthly invoice, and we’ll handle the rest, ensuring your freelancers are paid on time and accurately.

Global Payment Capabilities

Whether you’re working with local freelancers or an international talent pool, Vivilia supports global payments in multiple currencies. Our platform ensures that freelancers are paid accurately and on time, regardless of their location. This global reach allows your agency to tap into the best talent worldwide without worrying about complex payment logistics.

With Vivilia, you can focus on delivering exceptional marketing results while we manage the financial details.

Detailed Financial Reporting and Compliance

Stay on top of your finances with Vivilia’s comprehensive reporting features. Track budgets, manage invoices, and monitor payment statuses with ease.

Our platform also ensures compliance with all relevant tax and legal requirements, providing peace of mind and reducing the risk of financial discrepancies. Vivilia’s detailed financial reports help you maintain transparency and control over your agency’s expenditures.

Effortless Freelancer Onboarding

Automate and Customize Onboarding

Streamline your onboarding process with Vivilia’s automated workflows. Customize all onboarding documents, including legal, financial, and HR requirements, to fit your agency’s needs. Manage every aspect from one central platform, ensuring efficiency and compliance from the start.

Effortless Legal and Tax Compliance

Simplify compliance with Vivilia’s automated document handling. Send legal and tax documents automatically with predefined templates set by your legal team. Archive all signed documents in your account and receive alerts before they expire, ensuring you remain compliant without the manual hassle.

Comprehensive Onboarding Tracking

Gain complete visibility into the onboarding process with Vivilia. Track every step, from freelancers entering their payment details to signing legal and tax documents. Use an easy-to-follow progress bar to ensure profiles are updated seamlessly, providing you with real-time status updates for full transparency.

"Vivilia enables us to efficiently execute projects with over 100 freelancers from 12 countries. Additionally, it centralizes payment management, all within a single software, allowing us to maintain control over profitability and prevent administrative errors."
Sabina Silva
Operations Manager - @Genwords

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